TEDxBandra – Sunita Bhuyan – Performance Dynamics – Before, The Moment, After

Talk: Performance Dynamics – Before, The Moment, After
A performance is an interplay of concept, competence, collaboration and connections. All performances can be presentations but the reverse is not always true. The difference lies in the connection that a performer can create with the audience that transforms a great performance into a magical one. Sunita structures her performances into three parts – conceptualization and planning that happens before the act, the three way communication that happens on stage (with the performer herself, with her co-performers and the interaction with the audience) and the reactions of the audience after the performance that sets the stage for future shared experiences. Some profound life lessons can be learnt from the music world in the context of a performance. Sunita will demonstrate her approach to music with the aid of her violin at TEDxBandra.

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About Sunita Khaund Bhuyan

Sunita Khaund Bhuyan may be a trained human resource professional with 17 years in the corporate world behind her but it is as a violinist, with a master’s degree in Hindustani Music and as a disciple of the late violin maestro Pandit V G Jog that Sunita dazzles. A recipient of the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for Music, she is that rare performer who blends skill and a nuanced understanding of music with spunk on stage. She started out training with her mother, the eminent violinist Minoti Khaund, then went on to do jugalbandis with her mother. Her musical range is breathtakingly wide, from pure classical music to a wide range of light melodies that fuse jazz, folk and a host of other influences to create a distinctive sound. She excels in blending influences – Bharat Darshan is her musical exploration of Indian folk while Raagas to Bollywood traces the underlying classical roots of many of filmdom’s most enduring compositions. Her recent album, Bihu Strings, explores the classical and world music influences in North-Eastern folk music.
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