1st July : RBL concert , ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

2nd July : KPMG Directors meet, Delhi

3rd July : Lions Eye hospital , Guwahati

9th July : Pune, private event

11th July to 16th July : Glasgow Mela Residency

17th July : Glasgow Mela, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow


3rd June : Lions Club , Guwahati

11th June : Syntel Women’s forum, Mumbai

20th June : Syntel , Pune

22nd to 29th June : Glasgow Mela Residency , Glasgow

30th June : Northeast festival Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai


2nd May : National Brain research centre

12th May  : KPMG Partners meet , Delhi

18th May : Women’s Economic Summit, .Delhi

19th May : NSG, Manesar

22nd May : G5A for contemporary Arts


8th April : High seas event, JW Marriott , Mumbai

13th : Laadli event, NCPA Mumbai

15th April : Godrej Leadership forum, Mumbai


2nd  March : Syntel FedEx Sahakriya, Pune

7th March : Deloitte women’s day , Mumbai

8th March : International Women’s Day , E Factor , World Trade Center Mumbai

10th March : E Factor Women’s Leadership Forum, Asia

11th March : Mehrauli Farm house , Delhi private event

12th March : KPMG Offsite , Mussoorie

15th March : Leadership Review launch , Turf Club Mumbai

19th March : Sanctum Wealth management, Pune

30th March : Concert , Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad


5th Feb : Canada India partnership , World Trade centre

14th Feb : S’ Prayas workshop , Dharavi Mumbai

21st Feb : Sahakriya Workshop,for Bayer , Nasik


31st Jan : Day of Grace concert : Bandra Fort, Mumbai

30th Jan : Newslive show, Radisson Guwahati

25th Jan : Voters Day , Guwahati

14th January : EXPO WAVE BNP Paribas , Mumbai

7th Jan : CEAT tyres meet , Goa

3rd Jan : SM annual day , Guwahati



2nd Dec :Tata Communications Pune

10th Dec : Powai Fine Arts Mumbai with Rasika Shekar

23rd Dec : Taj Vivanta launch: Guwahati


19th Nov : NHRDN master class:Leadership thru music :Delhi

21st November :Deloitte Human capital summit. Falaknuma Hyderabad

29th Nov : Tata Communications Hyderabad


18th Oct : Prayatna Pune

22nd Oct : Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi

4th Sept : Nehru Centre , London


19th Sept : CII HR conclave Pune

22nd Sept : Learnquest , BNP Paribas, Mumbai

25th Sept : Values through music, RBL, Mumbai


1 August, 2015:          “Celebrate North East” at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

14 August, 2015:        “Melody and Harmony” Workshop, Mumbai

25&26 August, 2015: “Music for a Cause”, Glasgow

29 August, 2015:        “With Strings Attached” Concert at the Edinburgh Mela, Edinburgh

30 August, 2015:        Indian Folk Fusion Concert, Yorkshire


10 June, 2015:             Aircel Meet, Delhi

15 June, 2015:             “The Organizational Orchestra”, Mahindra ‘Reach-Out’ Program at the NCPA, Mumbai

24 June, 2015:             “Music for Environment” at Cidade de Goa, Goa


5 June, 2015:               “Music for Customer Engagement” Corporate Workshop, Kochi

12 June, 2015:             “Music Takes Root”, Godrej Culture Lab, Mumbai

14 June, 2015:             Launch of ‘Vividha: Change Management through Music’ at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

18 June, 2015:             Nascom Diversity and Inclusion Seminar, Mumbai

19 June, 2015:             World Music Day Concert for Syntel, Mumbai

24 June, 2015:             “Unite for Good” Gala at the Leela Hotel, Delhi

27 June, 2015:             “Women and Careers” Fair, Mumbai


3 May, 2015:               “Music for Women’s Empowerment” Televised for DY365

11 May, 2015:             “Melody and Harmony” Workshop for SEED, Syntel, Mumbai

17 May, 2015:             “Marico Evenings”, Carter Road Promenade, Mumbai

19 May, 2015:             “Music for Leadership and Change” Corporate Workshop, Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai

22 May, 2015:             “The Music Clinique”, Godrej Cultural Lab, Mumbai

24 May, 2015:             “Sahakriya” Workshop, Patna

23 May, 2015:             Performance at the Children’s Camp, NSG Campus, Manesar, Delhi

25 – 29 May, 2015:     Workshop for “Women’s Quartet Project” at Peninsula Studios, Delhi


6 April, 2015:              Televised Performance for News Live.

7 April, 2015:              Televised Interview for ‘Talk Time’ on News Live.

8 April, 2015:              “Music for Leadership and Change” at Manifesto Commercio at Guwahati University, Guwahati

12 April, 2015:             All-Women Ensemble for Women’s Leadership Forum, Asia at the NCPA, Mumbai

18 April, 2015:            “Melody and Harmony” Corporate Workshop at BKC, Mumbai

19 April, 2015:            “Culture for Collaboration” for the Mayor of Houston at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai

24 April, 2015:            “Learning Through Music” Corporate Workshop at LearnQuest Festival, BKC, Mumbai


1 March, 2015:            “The Music Clinique”, Assam Valley School, Tezpur

6 March, 2015:            Folk Fusion Concert at the Festival of India, Bangkok, Thailand

10 March, 2015:          Performance for ‘Women Who Inspire’ at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai

12 March, 2015:           All-Women Concert for ‘Essar Women’s Day’, Mumbai

19 March, 2015:          “Empower, Enable, Enrich” Women’s Seminar at Syntel, Mumbai

20 March, 2015:          Music Therapy Workshop for NSG Commandos at Manesar, Delhi

22 March, 2015:          Performance at REX Karmaveer Global Awards, Delhi

27 March, 2015:          ‘Empower, Enable, Enrich Women’s Seminar’ at Syntel, Pune


1 February, 2015:   “Musical Media” Workshop for ‘Zeitgeist’ at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

4 February, 2015:   “Visit Scotland” Concert at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

5 February, 2015:   “Melody and Harmony” Workshop for the Great Places to Work Awards at the Trident, Mumbai

6 February, 2015:   The Monte Music Festival in Goa

8 February, 2015:   “Joi de Vivre” Fundraising Event in Collaboration with Scottish group ‘Paragon’ at Blue Frog, Mumbai

16 February, 2015:  Feature in a concert performed by Ustad Zakir Hussain in Guwahati

17 February, 2015:  Closing Ceremony of the Workshop Conducted by the Paragon Ensemble for ADAPT

18 February, 2015:  Workshop at “Innovation Arabia” in Dubai


9 January, 2015:    Presentation at Aircel’s Employee Meet at the Radisson Blue, Guwahati

11 January, 2015:  “Creativity Through Music” Workshop at the XLRI HC Conference, Jamshedpur

17 January, 2015:  Concert at the Jorhat Gymkhana, Assam

23 January, 2015:  Tribute concert at Bajaj Bhavan, Mumbai

29 January, 2015:  “Music for Chance, Choice & Change” at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

30 January, 2015:  Concert for the North Eastern Consumer Awards at the Radisson Blue, Guwahati



3 December, 2014:    Wellness and Diversity panelist for “World Disability Day”

5 December, 2014:   “Music, Art and Culture of the North East” at the Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune

8 December, 2014:   “Coffee Connections” Corporate Workshop for Aircel, Gurgaon

11 December, 2014:   Concert at the MGM, Chennai

12 December, 2014:  “Music for Leadership and Change” Corporate Workshop at Syntel GDC in Chennai

13 December, 2014:   Speech and performance at the BNY Mellon Women’s Symposium in Chennai

15 December, 2014:   Music Therapy Workshop for Children at SPrayasS, Mumbai

19 December, 2014: “Melody and Harmony” Corporate Workshop at the Royal Mumbai Turf Club

22 December, 2014: “Coffee Connections” Corporate Workshop for Aircel, Gurgaon


3 November, 2014:   “Music for Talent Development” Corporate Workshop for the Commonwealth Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Mumbai

4 November, 2014:   “Ganga Mahotsav” Classical Concert at Ravidas Ghat, Varanasi

14 November, 2014:  Music Therapy Workshop for Children at SPrayasS, Mumbai

17 November, 2014: “Sahakriya: Synergy Through Music” Workshop for Syntel, Pune

20 November, 2014: “Creativity and Harmony Through Music” Workshop for the NHRD Conference at the Renaissance, Mumbai

26 November, 2014: “In Memory” Tribute Concert at the Gateway of India, Mumbai


2 October, 2014:   “Invocation of Maa” Classical Concert at the PBWA, Mumbai

14 October, 2014: “Interchange” Musical Presentation at the Hari Mahal, Jodhpur

17 October, 2014: “Melody and Harmony” Corporate Workshop at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai


6 September, 2014:   Folk Fusion Concert at the NCPA, Mumbai

9 September, 2014:   “Leadership Through Music” Corporate Workshop in Mumbai

11 September, 2014: “Music for Collaboration” at the Global Economic Summit, WTC, Mumbai

26 September, 2014: “Music for Leadership and Change” at the SHRM Conference, Delhi

27 September, 2014: “Invocation of Ma” Classical Duet with Minoti Khaund at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai


14 August, 2014: “Serendipity” Album Launch at the Bombay Gymkhana

29 August, 2014: “Culture in Corporation” Musical Presentation at the AsiaScotland Institute, Edinburgh

30 August, 2014: Fusion Concert with band ‘Paragon’ at the Edinburgh Music Festival


15 July, 2014: “Shankar Mahadevan” Event at the Chembur Fine Arts Society, Mumbai

16 July, 2014: Fusion Concert at the Gem and Jewelry Exhibition, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

24 July, 2014: Corporate Event at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai


7 June, 2014:   Fusion Concert at the Glasgow Mela Festival, Glasgow

8 June, 2014:   Indian Semi-Classical Concert in Glasgow

11 June, 2014: “Incense and Lights” Indian Classical Concert in London

12 June, 2014: Indian Classical Concert, Music of India Series for Resonance Radio, London

21 June, 2014: Indian Classical Concert for World Music Day at Kalakshetra, Guwahati


10 May, 2014: “Three Women” Musical Theatre Presentation at the NCPA, Mumbai

18 May, 2014:  Concert at the North East Festival, NCPA, Mumbai


1 April, 2014:   Concert at the Sangeet Natak Academy Folk Festival in Kolkata

18 April, 2014: Fusion Concert in Mumbai

20 April, 2014: “Music for Leadership and Change”, Syntel GDC, Pune


5 March, 2014:   “Save the Rhino” Signature Tune Launch by Yes Bank

18 March, 2014: “Stringed Melodies” at the Leela, Gurgaon

23 March, 2014: “Dual Strings”, Celebrate Womanhood, Ishanya, Pune

27 March, 2014: “Celebrating differences” for the Spastic Society, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

30 March, 2014: “Raagas to Bollywood” at Numaligarh, Assam


3 February, 2014:   “Joy of Giving” for the Don Bosco Street Children, Mumbai

15 February, 2014: “Creativity in Organisations with Flow”, Bombay Management Association


11 January, 2014: “Music and Shakti” at the Energy Event, Delhi

12 January, 2014: Musical Presentation at the Powai Festival, Mumbai

14 January, 2014: Concert for the Women’s Leadership Meet at the Oberoi, Gurgaon

17 January, 2014: Concert at Shanmuganand, Mumbai

19 January, 2014: Concert at Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati

22 January, 2014: “Leadership Through Music”, ADBU, Assam

25 January, 2014: “Day of Grace” at the Angel Express Foundation, Bandra, Mumbai



1 December, 2013:   “Music for Social Change”, ITA, Assam

7 December, 2013:   “Leadership Through Music”, LnOD Roundtable Asia

10 December, 2013: “Melody and Harmony”, Sofitel, Mumbai


10 November, 2013: Concert at the Eclectic Model Hunt, Guwahati

15 November, 2013: Talk Show on Women’s Empowerment, DY 365


11 October, 2013: “Invocation of Ma” Album Launch at Spandan, Mumbai

25 October, 2013: Concert with Stree Shakti and Anuradha Pal at Bhavans Cultural Centre, Mumbai

26 October, 2013: Mad Fest, Thane

28 October, 2013: Musical Presentation for the South Asia Women’s Fund in Colombo

30 October, 2013: Parampara Festival, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai


1 September, 2013:   “Music for Teamwork” Workshop at the Rotary International

9 September, 2013:    Tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika at the India International Center, Delhi

15 September, 2013:  Fusion Concert with debut band ‘Intrigue’ in Bangalore

27 September, 2013:  Corporate Show at the Trident, BKC, Mumbai


14 August, 2013: “Patriotic Strings”, Leela Hotel, Mumbai

15 August, 2013: “Joy of Giving” for Children of the Aarey Colony, Mumbai


2 July, 2013:    “Music for Change” at LnOD Roundtable Asia

27 July, 2013:  “Music for Collaboration” at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai


21 June, 2013: World Music Day

30 June, 2013: “Music Therapy” at the Angel Express Foundation, Bandra, Mumbai


16 May, 2013: “Raagas to Bollyowod” at MCA, Mumbai

17 May, 2013: “Raagas to Bollywood” at the West Inn Hotel, Mumbai


12th April, 2013:               Surabhi Foundation Fundraiser with Anup Jalota at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

13 April 2013:                    Bandstand Revival Festival at Hanging Gardens, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

14 April 2013:                    Folk Fusion Concert at the Mumbai Book Fair

27 April – 12 May, 2013:  Folk Bihu Festival Shows across North East India

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