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Audience Speak #2

‘Thank You’ for your session at the CII Conclave.  I don’t need to say a word – You know how superb it was!! The standing ovation said it all ( which I’m sure is commonplace for you :)) It was a highlight of our conclave. Using the violin and music as a metaphor to teach Leadership lesson – So profound and powerful all at the same time!  Truly a Benchmark. (2015)

Anjali Byce 
Director-Human Resources
SKF India Ltd.


Audience Speak #1

She came, she ‘saw’ and she conquered, with her spell binding, scintillating, enthralling performance.  Every one present there was enthralled with her Soprano voice and the superb Violin vividly bringing out the significance of 7 musicals notes; taking us through an amazing journey of  सूर&ताल and the varied music of our great land.  Icing on the cake was her engaging, involving the delegates in eliciting what Leadership nuances they picked up from the Musical show– enabling, working together, synchronising, appreciating, motivating with passion that infects the team, earning respect, listening, sensitivity, integrity, aligning, adapting, attitude, open body language, giving the softest touch for hardest change —– doing more than justice to the objective of the Seminar – to refresh the delegates about leadership principles through an entertaining musical show. Only Sunita could have done it, deservedly earning a spontaneous standing ovation from 250+ delegates. Kudos to Sunita.

– Gopal Mandhania
District Governor Rotary



Performance at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’19


Sunita Bhuyan created History at the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai last week. The stage was enlivened and lit on fire with Bihu dancers from Assam who danced with her violin pieces, led by famous Dhol player Ranjit Gogoi, Pradeep Deka on his genius flute and Barun Dad on percussion.

Sunita’s Mumbai band along with her pianist son Ronojit Bhuyan added to the fusion ensemble and the crowd kept cheering for more. A lot of Assamese people from Enazori and Mumbai as well as a huge diaspora of music lovers from Mumbai’s rich cultural scene attended the program in the open air Cross Maidan field in Churchgate, the iconic venue of the Festival where many stalwarts from the music world performed. Sunita started with a tribute to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi for his 150th celebration, followed by her signature Bharat Darshan, a tribute to late Bhupen Hazarika to commemorate his Bharat Ratna, and finally set the stage on fire with the Bihu-Scottish Folk fusion with the Assamese dancers. Catch her entire performance here:

Catch her entire performance here.

Watch: India Today Conclave East 2017 opens on a high musical note

A serene blend of Odissi dance, violin and percussion was seen on the stage, as the maestros Sanchita Bhattacharya, Sunita Bhuyan and Bickram Ghosh spilled magic with their performance. The classical performance beautifully transitioned into a Bollywood song, during the trio’s performance at the India Today Conclave East, in a session moderated by Deputy Editor Manogya Loiwal.

Watch the video here 




Music has profound influences on our lives: Sunita Bhuyan

Music is not just a platform of entertainment. It also influences our lives in various ways. Music has therapeutic qualities, helping one to calm down and build focus, thereby impacting the very basis of our learning. Hear Sunita Bhuyan talk about the ways in which music can become the medium for wellness, leadership and change intervention.

Check here for video


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